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From: Ray Dukes
Subject: Good ole country boy chapter 2This chapter is a work of fiction and an over-active imagination. I didn't
notice it in the first chapter, but the first chapter is real until Josh
and I moving in with one another. I sincerely ask your forgiveness in this
matter. The real Josh is exactly how I described him, and the look of
wonder in his eyes at his age was and still is totally awe inspiring.
Though Josh will never read this, I hope he is well. You know the drill
don't read this if you aren't old enough, if it is illegal in you're area,
and it is a copy written story so ask if you wanna pthc tor place it elsewhere.Hope ukraine teens pthc dvd
you enjoy
Good old Country boy
Chp 2 Things were going great with me and Josh, we had been pthc sex igallery together for
6 months when a 3 day weekend was coming up. I brought up the idea to go
away for the weekend to a cabin my uncle had left me when he passed several
years ago. I got home first that Friday that we were to leave and take the
three hour drive to nymphs pthc
Tuckers defloration video pthc Landing Lake. As I was getting the last of
everthing into the truck Josh finally made it home."Sorry aw'm late huny. Got tied up in traffic." Josh said in his lovable
county brough"No worries hun, I've got everything under control." I started, "Now why
don't you got get changed so we can get there in time for me to show you
around the lake.""Aw was hoping we could relax for we left, iffin ya know what it is aw
mean.""There will be plenty of time for that when we get there. Now get your hot
ass ready so we can leave." Thank God we don't have close neighbors, cause Josh started
stripping before he got in the door. I ed2k pthc file don't know what it is, but that boy
drives me wild. Fifteen minutes later we pthc lol pre
were on the road after a quick
stop to gas up. Due to the work hours we have been putting in, Josh went
to sleep soon after we got out of town. I took the time to think about
what had happened over the pthc superguide last six months. "Get up babe, time to get little underage pthc ready for you new job." "Caint we have a re-do of last night first." Josh half begged. "Wish we could, but you are not going to be late on your first day.
Now get a move on."Two months later, Josh was promoted out of the mail room and things got
even better between us. He got his own office for showing enough gumption
and lust for learning to impress the boss. We was then able to have lunch
together in either mine or his office. More often than not it turned out
to be a pure protein lunch. The beginning of his second week I heard a
knock at my door, "Yea come in." "Now is that anyway to talk to your lover?" he said while opening
the door, "Aw am injured beyond words." "Well I didn't expect you or I would have said please come in."He walked over to my side of the desk and started to massage my shoulders,
"Well, aw thought yous might like a break for a few minutes." "Ah...yes...I could."Josh slowly worked his way down my arms and to my lap, and then got in
front of me on the floor. He slowly undid my belt and zipper and pulled
out my dick that was already hard. Josh wasted no time going down on my
throbbing cock. In a very short time I was leaned back and my hands were
running through his hair. I was on the edge in no time. "Aw want yur cum,
fill me." was all he said, and just kept on deep throating my dick. When
he could tell I was getting close he would pull off to make it last longer.
The hour for lunch was nearly gone when he finally went back to work in
earnest trying to get me to cum. "OH...babe...I'm gonna...fuck." I was able to get out when I
unloaded down his throat. He stayed on me an took every drop and stayed on
me till I was completely soft again. Josh then got to his feet and walked
to the door. "Sorry, you didn't get any from me," he said, "but this was about
me."Damn I love that man I said after he was already gone and I was coming down
from that dangerous high Josh had just taken me on. All during this whole six months we have been together, he pthc cum pics has
never ceased to amaze me or shock me in some way. I guess that is one of
the guestbook lol pthc kids things I love him so much for, the spontaneity. The rest of the ride
to the lake was sabdra pthc quiet since I didn't have the heart to wake him up, and I
kept the radio turned low. "Baby, wake up, we're almost there." "Mmmm...sorry aw went to sleep." "No, baby never be sorry." When we pulled into the driveway, there
it was again, that pthc torrent look of awe that Josh always has. It never ceases to
amaze me, it's like he is seeing the world for the first time. We spent
little time unloading the truck and was about to go exploring when there
was a knock at the door. As I opened the door, "Frank." "Hello cousin, how ya been?" Frank said with a snear. "Fine, what do ya need?" "Why so much disdain, cousin?" then looking past me, "Oh, my my
who is this fine hunk of boy flesh?" "Aw'm Josh." "I'm sure you are that and more." "Frank, you need to go." "Now is that any way to talk to your once favorite cousin?"He was right, we grew up together we were always together. Most people
thought we were rape pthc 16 years brothers. As we got older, we became more. We were each
other first, pthc kids movie and it meant more to me than it did to him. When we had been
intimate with one another things changed. Of the two of us, he was the
stronger one, the skinny one, the better looking one. It was because off
him outing me that I lost my job, family, everything that ever meant
anything to me. The only one to stand by me was his father, and he has
never forgiven me for that. "Frank, what are you doing here?" "Just came by to say hi, and glad pthc superguide
I did now. Aren't you going to
introduce me to pthc sven board9 you ah friend." "Leave Josh out of this, and by the way, why don't you leave." I
started toward him to grab his arm when he side stepped. "Josh, is it? What are you doing with someone like this, why don't
you come with a real man, I am sure I could show you a better time." "Sir, aw don't rightly know who the hell you are, but you don't
need to bad mouthin my beau." "Your beau, how cute. Com'n let me show you a good time." he then
grabbed Josh's pthc rompel arm. Josh jerked away from him and stepped in between them, "Frank, I am
going to say this one time, and one only. Get the fuck out of my house,
and don't ever show you're face around here again. pthc img boards
Cause if you do I will
kill you." Frank threw up his hands and walked to he door, "This ain't over
cousin, and the hick boy there, he will be my bitch." "Fuck you," Josh yelled at him. "You'll be beggin for it boy." and with that he closed the door
and went to his car and drove off. I went to Josh and embraced him, "I'm sorry about that baby, I will
make sure he don't come back around here and bother us." "Aw'm sure you will, but I can take care of myself too. But I love
you for being here and bringing me to this slice of Heaven."
The next two days we spent exploring around the lake, fishing, and
just relaxing having sex. On Sunday afternoon, I wanted to make a special
dinner for Josh for our last night there. I drove into town to get a few
things, and was surprised that when I got back that there were no lights
on. I just figured he had something up his sleeve to surprise me with. I
went in and called for him, but there was no answer. I looked all through
the cabin but couldn't find him. Then I remembered he had said something
about taking a swim. So, I went ahead and started the preparations for out
special candle lit dinner. About an hour later, Josh still wasn't back so
I decided to walk down the path to the lake and look for him. Knowing him
I would find him working on his tan. When I got to the lake, he was no
where to be found. I was on the way back to the cabin when I saw what I
prayed to God I would never have to see. There was Josh, laying in a fetal
position. When I got to him I saw that he was bleeding. "Baby, everything
will be alright. Let me help you up and..." It took him a bit, but in a
very low broken voice he said Frank. That was it, I finally got him up and nude teen pthc
to the cabin and got him
cleaned up. When I got him put to bed I swore to him that I would get this
taken care off. Josh begged me pthc 7 to 12yo not to leave him and to call the police and
let them take care of it. After much pleading I relented and called the
cops. They left several hours later, and pthc tor I laid down with Josh to hold him
as best I could pthc lol pre
without hurting him. Sometime in the middle of the night
he rolled over and put his head on my chest and started crying. I felt
totally helpless, knowing there was nothing I could do right then to help
him except hold him. The next morning found Josh feeling much better, just sore. He
wanted nothing more than take a hot shower. ptsc pthc kiddy bbs When I got out of the shower
too he was lying on the bed naked. "Josh, I don't want to hurt you, this
can wait." "Aw'm just a little sore and I feel bad cause I couldn't pthc bbs model do
anything last night cause of that fucker." He raised his hand to me and
that was all it took.I knelt down beside the bed and took his soft dick into my mouth. In no
time he was hard as steel and moaning. I got little underage pthc up and got some lube out of
the nightstand and started coating his dick with it. "If you want it, then
I get to ride that hot dick then."After getting his cock good and slippery and coating my pthc superguide hole sabdra pthc good with it I
straddled him and started to slowly work his big dick into me. Before long
I was sitting on his thighs and his dick was balls deep into me. Very
slowly I started riding him. We never talked the entire time, we just
locked eyes. I was alternating between fast and slow, and was totally lost
in his eyes. I was moving around just enough to hit my love nut almost
every time and driving myself mad lost in his stare and pthc sven board9 his hot dick.
every time he tried to arch his back I would hold him down and fuck my self
with his perfect manhood. Our eyes never lost contact with each others.
Josh was breathing deeper and groaning louder, his dick had gotten bigger
and I knew zixzax pthc he was about to fill my ass with his hot love juice. When his
first shot fired into me, my dick let pedo little pthc loose too. I shot over his head to
the headboard and then several more shots covered his torso. pthc 12y o I lay down on
his body keeping him inside me till he finally went soft and came out. We stayed like that for a while till it was time to get cleaned up
again and make the trip home. Though it was far from the perfect weekend I
had hoped for, our lovemaking that morning was perfect. Two weeks later we
had to make the trip again to testify in Franks trail. Needless to say he
wouldn't be able to bother us again for a long time.
"Baby, come to bed." I heard just now, so I guess it's time to go,
but who knows some night I may not be able to sleep and I'll invite you
back for another story. "Coming baby."
If interested here is a couple more stories I have posted./nifty/gay/beginnings/good-ole-country-boy
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